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Bootleggers Distillery

Legend has it, that bootleggers formed a secret society. This society tracked down the best moonshine, recipes and methods of distillation known to man. The hills of East Tennessee became everyone’s favorite place to acquire their own personal moonshine reserve or the Best-of-the-Best. It became very obvious that East Tennessee’s natural resources and mild climate, along with generations of refined methodology had perfected one of our nation’s most sacred pastimes. Bootleggers is very proud to bring this secret collection to you.
Remember “If You Only Get One Shot”, make it Bootleggers.

Bootleggers founder, Darrel Miller was raised on a small dairy farm in Dandridge, Tennessee with older brother, Steven Dwayne Miller and younger sister, Jimmie Patricia Easterday. Darrel was raised farming and building houses with his late father, Steve Lee Miller, and mother, Patsy Miller. Although his father wasn’t in the “making shine” business, he instilled the work ethic and perseverance in his children that you needed to be successful. Sadly, Steve Lee Miller passed after helping his son construct the small distillery that they use today. He never got to see his son sell a single jar legally. Darrell’s mother works by his side as often as she can and is frequently seen at Bootleggers Distillery.  Although Steve didn’t have a passion for the then, illegal trade, Patsy’s family knew of nothing else. The McCoy’s were from the Jones Cove, Whilhite area of Cocke and Sevier counties. Their heritage can be traced as shiners all the way back to the Mayflower.

Bootleggers Distillery is as what is believed to be the smallest batch distillery in the nation. Bootleggers continues to do it the way they have for hundreds of years. We do not brew in hundred or even thousand gallon tanks. We brew in 25 gallon pot stills so that we can maintain a closer more regulated quality. “The smaller the batch, the more control you have over the product. I will never do it any other way.” says Darrell Miller.  As demand increases for the product, Miller says that he would rather run out, than to put out a bad product to meet demand.


3567 Hartford Road, Hartford, TN 37753

865-805-3798 or 865-323-5444

Monday thru Saturday, 10a to 7pm
Sunday, 12pm to 6pm
Tours are available and can be booked online.


*Business hours and tour times subject to change. We encourage you to contact the distillery to inquire about tour availability and call ahead, up to an hour prior to arrival to confirm tour times and business hours for the day.